Junior / Adolescence Program

Junior / Adolescence Program

Junior / Adolescence Program

When it comes to your child, it is important to include all the food groups in order to ensure proper growth and development! The meal plan will not be restrictive but it will include healthier whole food choices for your child to enjoy, even nutritious recipes that your child will fall in love with!

This will be a 2-way process where you as a parent will have to incorporate healthier food choices at home, be more physically active in front of your child, as children always tend to imitate their parents.

My role will be to help you and your child make healthier food choices, build healthy habits, incorporate family physical activities, and teach your child the importance of nutrition, well-being and physical activity for the long term.

Online Consultation

Online Consultation Available via Zoom Application!

Our first consultation is usually the longest where I can get to know more about you, your lifestyle, food preferences and daily routine.

This process ensures that your meal plan will completely be individualized and tailored to match your personal needs and goals!

My main goal to you is to teach you that there is no right or wrong. There is no good foods and bad foods. But what I can tell you is that yes there is nutrient dense foods and calorie dense food and both can be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle to help you reach your goals.