My Programs

Each program includes:

Personalized Meal Plan | Dietary Assessment | Nutritious Recipes | Healthy Cooking Tips | Grocery Shopping Tips | Training & Exercise Guidelines | Nutrition Education |  Motivation to reach your Goals!

Through our journey together, I will guide you in building your own complete meal plan filled with nutrients that will definitely fuel your body and help you reach your goals. I will lead you in identifying what is right and wrong in the vast world of nutrition.

Moreover, I will educate you on how to make the right food choices in order to nourish your body and reduce the risk of chronic diseases all through evidence-based nutrition. You can always check my Instagram page for some helpful posts and videos!

Are you having trouble with losing weight? Are you restricting yourself from major macronutrients in order to lose some kilograms?

Recovering and replenishing your fuel stores are 2 very critical matters in an athlete’s program in order to enhance performance!