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Power-up Protein Smoothie

You can enjoy this smoothie in hot summer days as a snack, quick breakfast idea, or even a go-to quick meal whenever you are in a hurry.🤩 It’s made of natural ingredients, full of antioxidants, good amount of fiber and protein !

In a blender add:

🍓 2 tsp chia seeds
🍓 3/4 cup skimmed milk 
🍓 120g low fat Greek yogurt 
🍓 5 cut strawberries 
🍓 1 frozen banana 
🍓 1 tbsp peanut butter 
🍓 1 tsp vanilla extract or stevia 

To make it even more refreshing, you can add 2 ice cubes and blend all the mixture together! This protein smoothie contains around 25g of protein!!

Blend all the ingredients together, pour them in a smoothie cup and Voila!